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  1. Re: What did you shoot?.......Jan 17 to Jan 23, 2011

    Took a little trip downtown Sunday night...

    Here's an HDR of the Main Street Bridge in downtown Jacksonville, FL

    Here's the...
  2. Re: What did you shoot?...............January 10, 2011 through January 16

    Went down to see the St. Augustine Lighthouse Sunday... decided to try a little HDR with this one.
  3. Re: What did you shoot....January 3rd - Jan 9th?

    Great photos everyone!

    I decided to go the beach last Sunday... That's what most people do in January, right?

    Wasn't a spectacular day but I think I got a few good shots.
  4. Re: How to manage files with a MacBook and external hard drive, yet maintain intent and convenience?

    I have a similar setup but I use Aperture.

    What I
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    Re: Post your Best Travel Photo

    I took this while on a recent trip to Chicago this past October...

    <div class="listheader listheader-font1...
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    Re: Aperture Import Bug?

    I just had it happen to me...

    I just closed the Import dialog and re-opened it and everything worked fine.
  7. Re: Assignment 15: Motion Blur


    Took this one while out on a drive

    5D II w/ 24-104L IS @ 24mm,...
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    Re: Critique Please: Logo from photos

    Have you considered adding a small stroke in a contrasting color, or maybe a drop shadow/outer glow? Seems like the text needs something to help it "pop" of the background.

    Also, I think the...
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    Re: PS4 and Lightroom 3 color differences

    Disclaimer: I've never used Lightroom so my suggestion may not work but I thought I'd throw it out there anyways.

    I use a couple of different Adobe programs in my design workflow. One thing I've...
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    Re: 5D Mark II and I Pad Live View

    Some good information here:
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    Re: Upcoming trip

    Just spent a few days at Disney last month. The 24-105 and my 5D II were the perfect combination.
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    Re: Assignment 12: Reflections

    Here goes nothing...

    Captured this during a November boat ride down the creek.

    Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM @ ISO 100, 32mm,...
  13. Re: Anyone Here Have a Webpage or Flickr Account?

    Don't update it very often...
  14. Re: Post Your All Time Favorite Photo---That you have taken


    Thank you Bob!

    The dark edges come from a stock preset in PhotoTools 2.5 called Mocha Java.
  15. Re: Post Your All Time Favorite Photo---That you have taken

    This is probably my favorite photo:
  16. Re: What did you shoot? July 12th through July 18th

    Spent some time at Disney World this past week...

    More photos and EXIF info here:

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    Re: April's Best...

    I don't post too often but I think this one turned out really well.... C&amp;C welcome.

    Taken during my recent trip to Epcot on April 10th.

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    Re: Post your favorite Airplane shots

    I took these this past November at the Jacksonville Sea and Sky Spectacular.

    All taken with a 5D Mark II and 300mm 2.8L is

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    Re: 5D Mark2 Shutter release.

    That's normal... no click.
  20. Re: Decision finally made (I think) I which two lenses to buy - Being a newbie, I hope I made the right choices! Feedback appreciated!

    I don't think you could go wrong with either choice...

    However, if it was me, I'd spend a few $ to rent the lenses and try them myself, before spending a lot of $$$$$$$ buying the lenses.
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    Re: Mac vs PC for post processing

    Why would you pay more money for both disks? You can only install one version.

    Home Premium 64bit = $117

    Home Premium 32bit = $120

    Home Premium 32bit + 64bit = $199
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    Re: Mac vs PC for post processing

    Actually you have to buy either a 64bit or 32bit version. Both don't come in the same box.

    However if you already have a license you can purchase an installation disk for like $10
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    Re: Mac vs PC for post processing

    You can purchase a Mac without a monitor, the MacMini and the MacPro. Also, all Mac's have an additional video output to connect an extra monitor.

    You can only run Mac OS X on a Mac or a...
  24. Re: 2009 Jacksonville Sea and Sky Spectacular

    No filters this time. The only processing I did was a little cropping.

    I know what you mean, that sand can be a real pain sometimes.
  25. Re: 2009 Jacksonville Sea and Sky Spectacular

    Thanks for the kind words everyone

    @ Rodger: You deffinantly need to check out an air show at least once! I go to everyone that comes into town. I agree on the need for more blur on the rotors....
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