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  1. Re: Assignment 15: Motion Blur

    I love these types of car shots. Great Job Sean Setters.
  2. Re: Assignment 15: Motion Blur

    Erno is that a carnival ride ????
  3. Re: Assignment 15: Motion Blur

    Great motion capture there Jonathan Huyer !!!!
  4. Re: Assignment 15: Motion Blur


    Canada Day parade Shriner car.

    40D, 85mm,...
  5. Re: -NEW- Assignment 14: Be creative with Depth Of Field

    I had a few beers so I decided to take a close up pic of one. The curve of the bottle was enough to soften letters either side of the right side of the M in Miller. The 5 of 6 beers was enough to...
  6. Re: Assignment 13: Vertical Compositions

    <p style="text-align: left;"]/resized-image.ashx/__size/550x0/__key/CommunityServer-Discussions-Components-Files/26/4503.IMG_5F00_1244-2.jpg
    <p style="text-align: left;"]40D 1/100 ISO 1000 F 2.8

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    Re: What the heck I'm doing wrong!?

    What White Balance are you using ???? The 3rd last pic looks good. Nice bokeh and the colours seem natural. Only the 2nd one seems to look unaturally orange. For me I had a few do the same sort of...
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    Re: Assignment 12: Reflections -- LAST CHANCE


    40D, EF 28-135mm @28mm, ISO 400, TV 1/10, AV 3.5
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    Re: Wedding Gear Recommendations Needed

    70-700 would come in pretty handy but it might cost more than $5000[:P]
  10. Re: What did you shoot? July 12th through July 18th

    I stilll like using my XT though. Its just that littleteeny tiny LCD screen on the back that sucks. Other than that the camera takes some pretty decent pics.
  11. Re: What did you shoot? July 12th through July 18th

    Oh I didn't forget to take some pictures of my newcamera! And thank you!
  12. Re: What did you shoot? July 12th through July 18th

    If you want to take a pic of your brand spankin new 7D you might have to use your Rebel XT to get the job done lol. I used my Rebel XT to take picks of my 40D last year . Great shots Garret.
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    Re: B/W picture, critique welcomed

    Make note to self. Get Cardinal Rule Book of No-No's for Dummies lol. neuroanatomistis right. A shot of some drumming motion would have been pretty cool in this instance.
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    Re: Does this camera bag/backpack exist?

    I have a fastpack 250 and I fit a 40D Efs 55-250, Efs 10-22, Ef 28-135, in the bag with still room for external flashes. I don't have a battery grip on the camera but there is still lots of vertical...
  15. Re: Dreadfully tedious memory card question I'm afraid

    I love the fact that my 40D and Rebet XT both take CF cards.
  16. Re: What did you shoot? June 28th through July 4th

    Love the pic of your daughter eyeballing the soap bubble. Great capture....
  17. Re: What did you shoot? June 28th through July 4th


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    Re: Self portrait... something is very wrong

    My shoulder and collarbone just started to hurt just looking at that pic. Thank God your mostly OK. I laid an old Kawasaki KZ1000 down 25 yrs ago and walked away with a fews inches of road rash. Of...
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    Re: Post Your Best Shots of... YOU!

    What does this have to do with pics of yourself other than you carried allot of lumber across it ????
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    Re: Patio Construction

    Not much patio making going on here. Must be union guys building this gazebo. Just kidding. The video is very sharp. I have never looked at any video filmed by an D-Slr until now. Its peaked my...
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    Re: 50 1.8 II Focus Problems?

    I have a nifty fifty that I use on a 40D and I encountered the same problem when I tried to take a pic of a menu at my nephews wedding in Jamaica. My settings were similar to yours and the pic was...
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    Re: What did you shoot? June 21 through June 27

    Jayson those are absolutely awesome macro shots.
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    Re: What did you shoot? June 21 through June 27


    1st pic....
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    Re: 5d mr ii SHATTERED LCD advice please

    Would that body armor stuff have prevented that ???? I can feel my wallet cringing at the site if this. Hopefully it won't cost 2 arms and a leg to fix.
  25. Re: What is the best monitor to use to view back photos take.

    Crosby can I borrow the $2500.00 it would take to buy one of those????
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