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  1. Re: Canon Releases Six New L-Series EF Lenses And Accessories

    Good idea. Sooooo anybody want to sell their 300mm f2.8 for like 1000$? [:d] haha
  2. Re: Canon Announces EOS 60D Digital SLR Camera

    New cheaper 2nd body is the way I'm looking at it!

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    Re: Canon EOS 5D MARK II

    Agreed. I was so hesitant about spending money on my 7D because I don't necessarily have a lot of it lying around, but since I made the jump, 0 regrets!
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    Re: What to rent for outdoor retreat?

    I agree with Daniel. Go for the 135mm. I have a 1.6x and it looks awesome on it. Decent range for game at medium distances and while you have to stand back a few more feet for portraits, it looks...
  5. Re: Canon Releases Six New L-Series EF Lenses And Accessories

    Maybe this will lower the price of the current 300mm 2.8. I love the lens and never want to take it back when I rent it... Maybe it'll make the market at bit better for us cheapies [:)]
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    Re: Lens choice for combatting people...

    Hey Bogdan

    For sure. All my stuff is posted on my Flickr page which can be accessed HERE. Good thing you got our of the city before chaos struck! I unfortunately was working and only could get...
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    Re: 50 1.2 L, A few days later.

    Very big thumbs up Keith!

    I love that shot of the glasses probably just as much as you do! I like to add my polarizing filter all the time, even when the sun is starting to set. I just love to...
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    Re: Bryan's Southwest Photo Gallery


    I think you've got this wrong Sean. I don't know about everyone else, but I usually cry over how good all your shots are and why mine aren't anywhere near the caliber of yours......
  9. Re: Sell EF 17-40 f/4 and get EF-S 17-55 f/2.8?

    Do it!

    As much as the 17-40 is an L with weather sealing and such, IMO the 17-55 is just as good optically and while I'm not encouraging you to stand outside with it during a storm, anything can...
  10. Re: Trip to Grand Canyon - suggestions wanted

    I agree with erno. If you get the opportunity, try and get out there for dawn/dusk. I'm sure you'd be able to get amazing shots of the sun setting/rising and cresting the top of the canyon. I always...
  11. Re: Canon 35mm f/1.4 L

    No problem Denise!

    Here's the link to the photostream: It's pretty easy to tell what's a 35 but you can still check on the more properties if you aren't...
  12. Re: Canon 35mm f/1.4 L

    Just my 2 cents here Denise. I think it's a fabulous lens. I personally have never shot with it, but I've been watching and thumbing through Pete Souza's photos (Official White House Photographer)...
  13. Re: World Cup Football!! The Netherlands are through to finales!!

    Thanks Jan! It was quite the party. Though the game finished at 5pm here, and by 10pm the cops started to open the roads so it was kinda short... I was hoping for it to go into the wee hours of the...
  14. Re: Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 L II Shooting Tips?

  15. Re: more warbird shots from a week ago

    So I guess your next set will be of another person getting your shot with you in crutches and your shattered 100-400 in your hand with you crying?
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    Re: EOS 7D external Mic recomendations

    I'm a fan of Sennheiser so I'd vote for and probably will get the MKE400, but I use a RODE shotgun for my professional stuff in regular video so I know they're good and reliable.
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    Re: Boston @ Toronto july 11 2010

    Nice shots Jim!

    Shots are tough when the dome is open.

  18. Re: World Cup Football!! The Netherlands are through to finales!!

    Jan (and everyone else) here are my photos on my flickr from the Toronto street party!


    Click on through!
  19. Re: Family Portrait ...That's me in the middle!

    Charming family you've got there[:)]

  20. Re: Dished out 2500$--> Canon 70-200mm II IS USM L +Personal Story

    I checked it out. Nice shots!

    As am I! I can't wait to see how that lens fairs
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    Re: Post Your Best Shots of... YOU!

    Dude. Honestly, you take amazing shots. I am always re-impressed with your work time after time.


  22. Re: more warbird shots from a week ago

    Get some prop-blast going and whoops! there goes Jim's 100-400...

    along with him...

  23. Re: World Cup Football!! The Netherlands are through to finales!!

    Sorry to all the Dutch fans and congrats to all the Spanish fans!!!

    Just spent 5min in the street party here in Toronto, shot over 400 pictures... Awesome.

    Now back to studying for my test...
  24. Re: Dished out 2500$--> Canon 70-200mm II IS USM L +Personal Story


    But one thing eludes me,

    You didn't come home with a 1DsMIII and a 300mm 2.8, 600mm 4.0, and 800mm 5.6 and etc etc etc why???

    Probably kause you're smart unlike me and didn't...
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    Re: Simpsons joke

    It almost bothers me when I see someone using a flash in a big place like that or at a concert or in a big hall or w/e. It makes me want to smack them when they complain that their flash isn't...
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