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  1. Thread: My predicament

    by martyn

    Re: My predicament

    I've been pondering the same thing myself and a big pull for getting the 24-105 for me would be if I ever end up getting a 5D or other non 1.6x body then I've got a general purpose lens thats going...
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    Do You Check Lens Sharpness Before You Buy?

    I'm wondering if in people's real work experience, before you buy a lens do you check several copies and find one that's sharpest on your body? Can you tell the difference between each copy? I not...
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    Re: From Yesterday's Hike

    The lack of scale makes it quite interesting actually - I cannot quite figure out if that's small things close up, or large things far away. Was that the effect you were going for Steve?
  4. Re: Why do people say they have a very sharp copy of a lens?

    Cheers guys, thats interesting. It explains why there are variances in sharpness, but perhaps not why *everyone* seems to have a sharp copy ;-) It seems this is being touted as an exception to the...
  5. Why do people say they have a very sharp copy of a lens?

    Why am I always reading that people have a 'very sharp copy' of a lens, especially when its something like a 24-105 f4 L? In Bryan's review of this lens he says:

    ... the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L...
  6. Re: Buying decisions: 70-200 4 IS or 2.8 non IS AND 17-40 or 10-22?

    I've got the 70-200 2.8 (IS) and find it too much for walking around a city and taking candid shots here and there, especially if taking pictures is not the primary reason for the outing. It doesn't...
  7. Thread: Thanks Bryan

    by martyn

    Re: Thanks Bryan

    Just echoing everyone's other comments but I know its nice to receive support for what you're doing!

    This is a great site and as Tom Alicoate said above, its my first port of call for both...
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