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    New Lytro camera

    I was pretty surprised not to see any discussion yet of the Lytro cameras (I only looked through the first couple pages, so this may be old hat). Check out.

    Now that you're back!...
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    Assignment 23: Balance Congrats bgood

    Good Morning All! William who won the previous assignment has gotten me the information for the new assignment! He wants us to think of Balance. In his own words:

    <span>"The brief will be to...
  3. Re: Assignment 21: Unique Perspective NOW VOTING

    A big thank you to whomever put up the poll for me! I haven't been online for 2 solid weeks. The reason is over here. Looks like a good set of finalists. Jan will have us back on track for the next...
  4. Life Changes, or Why I have disappeared for the last two weeks

    Hi Everyone!

    I need to apologize to the assignment 21 faithful for disappearing on them and not puting up the poll in a timely manner. (Thank you whoever did that) I think I have a pretty...
  5. Assignment 21: Unique Perspective WINNER: freelanceshots

    UPDATE: freelanceshots won the "Unique Perspective" contest. He should now contact Jan to arrange the next assignment's topic.

    Congratulations to Nick (nvitalephotography) for winning...
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    Re: Post your currently shot pictures

    I'll take what I can get! Hopefully it comes back soon.

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    Re: Post Your Best Shots of... YOU!

    mmmmmm Guinness. I haven't had one since St. Paddy's...seems like a long time.
  8. Re: Assignment 19: Shadow Photography

    No kidding? That's my favorite place in the world. Nice picture too.
  9. Assignment 19: Shadow Photography -- Congratulations Ade

    Hi All! Denise was the winner of our last assignment with her awesome photo of a flash grid. (Should I admit that at first glance I thought it was mini-pumpkin pies or custards or something?) For...
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    Re: New Bee from DC photographer

    Welcome Sir! Always fun to see another member on here.
  11. Re: Assignment 17: What is it? -- 24 Hour Run Off

    Hi All!

    We had a tie between Rocco and Colin500 so I have created a run off poll. Apparently I can only create one poll per thread so I started a new thread HERE

    The vote is open for...
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    Assignment 17: runoff poll

    There was a tie in the voting, so I have opted for a 24 hour run off! Vote early Vote often (or something like that)


    I have no idea what this is, and I like the dramatic colors.

  13. Re: Assignment 17: What is it? -- Now Voting

    Hi all, finalists are up, voting is open! Thanks for all the excellent submissions.
  14. Re: Photography Magazine Subscription Deals Are Back ...$4.99!

    I got mine! YAY! Thanks Denise.
  15. Re: What did you shoot? January 31 - February 6

    So here are my Super Bowl pictures. I was at a friends house where 7 adults and these two kids crammed into a tiny livingroom to watch the game. That's OK, I got some pictures, so I was happy. I used...
  16. Re: You know you're addicted to photography when ...

    I thought those were the show...I was getting annoyed that they kept cutting to guys beating up on each other. [;)]
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    Re: Wisconsin Blizzard 2011

    I also managed to get in on the action being just south of Denise and thekingb. I am about half way between Chicago proper and Milwaukee and only a couple of blocks from Lake Michigan. The official...
  18. Assignment 17: What is it? -- 24 Hour Run Off

    Good Morning all! I have our new assignment ready to go today! We all got hungry with "Assigment 16: What's on your plate?" and had some excellent submissions. For this new assignment I want pictures...
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    Re: Missing forum e-mail notifications

    I wasn
  20. Re: You know you're addicted to photography when ...

    ooooh good idea!
  21. Re: You know you're addicted to photography when ...

    I do the lens thing on all sporting events. I get laughed at by my wife and friends routinely. Usually after yelling "that player just nailed $12,000 worth of equipment!"
  22. Re: NEW! Assignment 16: What's on your plate?

    oooh that looks good, and if your Melting Pot is anything like the one here in Chicago then that was an expensive assignment. :D
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    Re: FS Canon extension tubes

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    Re: FS Canon extension tubes

    I dunno, I heard the version II got a significant upgrade to L class air. :D
  25. Re: Best lens option for portrait photography with cropped sensor DSLR's

    Hey Robert,

    I have actually been debating the same question in my own mind. I have the plastic fantastic (50/1.8 II) which works wonders for head-shots as it does have that roughly 85mm...
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