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  1. Re: OK, so I played with the new 8-15mm Fisheye Zoom today....

    While I'm sure I would have fun with this new uber wide glass, the 24-70, at around the same price would probably be more practical for my uses. My 24mm tilt shift is about as esoteric as I plan on...
  2. Re: What's a good price to ask for the 70-200mm (as a seller)

    Also let one go for $1,500 on Craig's - 10/10 glass and body, and the usual minor scratches on the hood like yours. Basically went 300mm prime.

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    Re: Capturing Hummers

    This one is particularly interesting, awesome background on all:
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    Re: Seamless Paper or Vinyl

    Paper creases easily, but requires less support. It is also cheap enough to cut off damaged sections for fresh shoots. Vinyl is more durable, a longer term solution IMO and the glossy reflections at...
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    Re: Upcoming trip

    24-105mm gets my vote, even though I no longer own the lens (went 16-35 this time due to limited availability of the 24-105) the keeper ratio is high and versatility per pound excellent. Have fun &...
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    Re: Flash firing and umbrella setup????

    That sounds like High Speed Sync has toggled off, perhaps after a sleep mode.. IME the IR system works fine in a small studio, outside you will soon go crazy or buy triggers. -S
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    Re: Flash firing and umbrella setup????

    A full flash dump may be the result of poor IR communication between Master & Slave, or sometimes just cycling through the modes and or restarting the flashes and camera seems to reset ETTL II...
  8. Re: High Speed sync with Off Camera speedlight

    Wow, F up round here & get quoted up the A! The oatmeal & beer were delicious BTW - Thanks.
  9. Re: High Speed sync with Off Camera speedlight

    I read it twice, but with my bad eye. My good eye was making oatmeal. Congratulations you're still the top forum nerd. -S
  10. Re: High Speed sync with Off Camera speedlight

    Find the external speedlight control (typically the 3rd utility tab) in your menu, and you should find options for HSS 1st or 2nd curtain. In theory as I do not have much time with the 7D and have...
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    Re: Lense for a T2i

    I would get the body & a 50mm f/1.8 AND 85mm f/1.8 - Now I don't expect a newish photographer to understand that advice, but if you want sharp images and the ability to open up the aperture for...
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    Re: Axial CA on 85mm f/1.2L II

    Hhmmn,, saw this in the review:

    All three copies of the Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 L II USM Lens I have used
    to date show more CA (Chromatic Aberration) than the older 85 L.
    And my 85 f/1.8 shows...
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    Re: DSLR Video Share!

    Here is one I did with the 5DmII last year. Turned out it was a wake for a popular local skater. Mind your speaker volume. -S
  14. Re: What did you shoot? July 12th through July 18th

    Hey Bill W, my hummer was visiting a banana flower, complete with immature naners here in San Diego. BTW - I got full flaps @ 1/200th, so you must be recording several cycles. Kewl concept, looking...
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    Re: Another Portrait for C&C

    Lovely girl, shot and moment. That said you have both the very thin DOF of f/2.8 and a relatively long exposure of 1/200th working against you.

    f/5.6 1/400th ISO 600 (or 800) for example would...
  16. Re: What did you shoot? July 12th through July 18th

    Shot through a chain link fence, thus the diamond bokeh. Point was to utilize the golfer without revealing identity. f/4 1/800th ISO 200

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    Re: Does this camera bag/backpack exist?

    I bought a Velocity 8X (tamrac) and a Ladies Backpacking Belt from REI,... cut the lame 1 inch belt off the Velocity, and carefully stuffed the much more adequate hip belt through the factory pouch...
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    Re: stills of a golf ball in motion

    A circuit through the tee seems workable for the flash.. Personally I like to build little gizmos and would look for kit or design a solution to trip the shutter ahead of the strike and let HSS...
  19. Re: Dished out 2500$--> Canon 70-200mm II IS USM L +Personal Story

    Your GF took your 5DmkII for the weekend!!! Sounds like a love triangle to me, I'm not sure I could be so strong given those circumstances.

  20. Canon Wonder Camera Concept displayed at Expo 2010

    Canon Wonder Camera - concept camera demonstrated. You gotta see this!

  21. Re: Flash fill Joshua Tree (gels) on Milkyway Galaxy

    Sean I could have easily kept the light off the ground sans studio modifiers, for me it is a very satisfying capture as is. I DID want to light the distant ridge line in white light and with the...
  22. Re: Flash fill Joshua Tree (gels) on Milkyway Galaxy

    Thanks Denise, I'm still recovering from laughter here! In part because I was a little on edge with critter sounds myself and also from imagining your backyard crash test. Thanks for your comments...
  23. Re: Flash fill Joshua Tree (gels) on Milkyway Galaxy

    Sure no problem.. I had 4 580exII's and one ST-E2 master unit all equipped with RadioPoppers. For this shot I used just 2 flashes, the blue flash was on a light stand at full height - maybe 10 feet...
  24. Flash fill Joshua Tree (gels) on Milkyway Galaxy

    In case you missed this in my Popper Post, here is a shot I captured late Wed (July 07 2010) after escaping the thick cloud layer on the coastline. f/2.8 20 seconds ISO 1600 - 1/4 flash power. Hope...
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    Re: Just sprang for the Poppers!

    Clouds on the coast drove me to where the streets have no name. Loving the freedom to light as I wish. -S
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