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  1. Re: Dear Photographers with Canon lenses - about Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS USM II compared to Canon EF 70-200 f/4L IS USM?

  2. Re: Distance scales on lenses that *aren't* parfocal

    USM lenses have a slip clutch that lets the focus ring override the AF motor. This makes the focus scales totally worthless unless you first set the focus to infinity or minimum each time. Don
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    Re: A tele lens for canon

    If you are trying to be inconspicious, a white telephoto is not it. The 70-200mm f/4L is very good. Even my 24-105mm f/4 turns heads with all that glass out in front.

    You may have to...
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    Re: Replacing my 5DMarkII

    If you can wait until a 5D MK III is available in store, you probably don
  5. Re: 7D & 24-105mm w/ filter = Weather-sealed? I don't think so!

    If you were pointing it downward while using or moving the multi-controller, you were opening it up for rain to get in. Its really difficult to seal that multicontroller, but as long as your camera...
  6. Re: How do you put on the bottom of evrey comment what camera gear u have?

    We have had to turn off signatures on another blog site due to SEO spammers using them to create a link farm. They have robots that create accounts, and insert a bunch of links to client websites....
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    Re: Best tablet device to use with your DSLR?

    Wait a while longer. Netbooks won
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    Re: Red Ring split

    Give Canon a call, they will probably send you a replacement. they do not want those "L" lenses going around without a proper red ring.
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    Re: Red Ring split

    Give Canon a call, they will probably send you a replacement. they do not want those "L" lenses going around without a proper red ring.
  10. Re: First Post. Looking for advice on a general purpose zoom.

    With my 40d, I had the 17-55mm as well as the 24-105mm L. both were excellent and the 24-105 would have been perfect it it went to 17mm. So, I switched back and forth, but tended to favor the 24-105...
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    Re: Looking at used 30D. Worth it?

    A lot of the "POP" in photos comes from post production. Many use RAW and a editor like lightroom to adjust the image to look like it should. It can make a huge difference to add a little sharpness...
  12. Re: Does anybody have experience with the Pocket Wizard Mini/Flex system?

    Some users have reported 580 EX II flashes failing while using Pocket Wizards. There is no proof that they caused the issue, but, the range issue and the unknown reason for flash failures are...
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    Re: a lens for Wild life in a bit tight budget

    I've tried many telephoto lenses, 400mm 5/5.6L, 600mm f/4L, 70-300mm IS, Tamron 200-500mm, Sigma 400mm, etc. The 600mm L was the best, of course, but I could not take it with me for a quick shot, it...
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    Re: what do i need to learn strobism?

    You can buy inexpensive remote flash units that are triggered by the on camera flash. This happens so fast that it makes no difference to the lighting. You will need to set everything manually, but a...
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    Re: Questions regarding new gear ...

    I bought a TS-E 90 for use with my 5D MK II for product photography, its a very nice lens, and does close focusing as well as accepting a TC. If you need a little more magnification, use a TC....
  16. Re: Lense choice for equine competition : jump and dressage

    Have you checked light levels? f/4 seems like it will bea challenge if light is low. I find that even f/2.8 is a bit limiting in dimly lit arenas where a fast shutter speed is required. IS is of no...
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    Re: Autofocus versus manual focus

    I have found that using the modern autofocus lenses for manual focus, (with the exception of the big whites), is pretty difficult. Not only are my eyes getting old, but the short throw of the focus...
  18. Re: Which to PreOrder the 500mm F4L II or the 600mm F4L II, bird and wildlife advice wanted

    I bought a used 600mm L, nice lens, but not long enough for wildlife unless you were pretty close. I took it to a local gravel pit wherelots of eagles hang out. I thought i was pretty close, but put...
  19. Re: EF 70-200 f/4 L IS and 1.4x II teleconvertor?

    Well, I have a inside contact at Canon, and he gave me one to play with for a week.

    If you believe that, I have a bridge that is available at a durned good price.

    A ctually, it was a Typo,...
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    Re: Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L

    I would never consider trading my 100-400 for the new 70-300mmL. However, each of us has their own priorities. It is light weight and takes up less space. However, if you ever step up to FF or a 1D...
  21. Re: How can run a simple test to determine if my lens is front focusing?

  22. Re: EF 70-200 f/4 L IS and 1.4x II teleconvertor?

    As noted, they are MK II
  23. Re: EF 70-200 f/4 L IS and 1.4x II teleconvertor?

    I have used the 70-200mm f/4 with 1.4X, 2X, and both stacked with good results. However, its not at all user friendly to add and take off the extenders in the field.

    70-200mm F/4L IS with Canon...
  24. Re: Lenses hold their value? I'm beginning to wonder!

    I sold my 3 year old 17-55mm on ebay for $900 on ebay. If I were to take it to a camera store, I
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    Re: 17-55mm bad is it?

    Alex, with your setup, the camera could indeed lock on to different lines at different times. That tape with all the closely spaced lines is just inviting this.

    Here is a proper test chart...
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