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    Re: Canon 50mm f/1.4 samples

    Please post more kitten pictures :)
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    Re: Real or Fake

    You should start a poll. Here
  3. Re: Assignment 24: It's all about the Light

    Adrian, that
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    Re: DPP Question - Default NR ?

    When I open pictures taken with my XSi in DPP, they also default to a 2 NR value. Of course, you can set NR to 0.
  5. Re: What's the Best Way to Capture Exhaust...

    Just take the pictures from a point where the smoke is more visible (I know this sounds obvious, but you can try taking the pictures when the smoke is against a contrasting background). Also, shutter...
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    Re: Flickr Question

    As long as someone can view your pictures in their browser, they can get the image link or simply take a screenshot. I think the solution could be:

    - Upload only low-resolution pictures
    - Put a...
  7. Re: Battery duration and recycle time for Canon 580EX II flash

    Thanks for your replies! I know it
  8. Re: Battery duration and recycle time for Canon 580EX II flash

    Thanks for replying, iND. I took batchs of 10 continuous shots (continuous meaning as soon as the pilot lamp was red again), and I let the flash rest 15-20 minutes between batches. I wonder if the...
  9. Battery duration and recycle time for Canon 580EX II flash


    Recently, I acquired a Canon 580EX II flash (great flash, BTW) and a pack of 4 Sony CycleEnergy 2700 mAh NiMH batteries plus 360 mA charger. I tested the batteries (fully charged) firing...
  10. Re: Assignment 19: Shadow Photography

    No kidding? That's my favorite place in the world. Nice picture too.
    <div style="clear: both;"]</div>


    Hi Dan, Villa de Leyva is such a beautiful town, I live just 3 hours away....
  11. Re: Assignment 19: Shadow Photography

    Shot in Villa de Leyva, Colombia

    Canon EOS XSi, EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens @ 18 mm, f/3.5, 1/20 sec, ISO 800
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    Re: Recovery Software for CF Card

    Recuva is the best program you can try. If you don
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    Re: Something weird happened with my XSi

    Hello, thanks for the replies. I verified and I have just one folder (DCIM\100CANON), the folder name wasn't changed nor a new folder was generated (the picture counter is in the 7000s)

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    Something weird happened with my XSi

    Hello, today I experienced something very weird with my Canon XSi, and I'd like to know if somebody else has experienced this issue, thanks for your help!:

    I loaded an SD card filled to half...
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    Re: Nifty Fifty--What are your thoughts?

    Hello, I own the EF 50mm f/1.8 MkI, for what it cost me I can
  16. Re: Assignment 17: What is it?


    Canon XSi, EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens @ 40mm, f/5, 1/8s, ISO 800
  17. Re: You know you're addicted to photography when ...

    When you simulate the framing of a tilt-shift lens by making a circle with you thumb and index fingers and moving it around your eye [:D]
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    Re: EXIF Analyzer?

    I think you could batch-convert your RAW files to Adobe's DNG. Since DNG is an open format, you should be able to find some kind of parser to extract the EXIF data and then export it to a file the...
  19. Re: You know you're addicted to photography when ...

    When you enjoy listening to the burst audio sample of your favorite Canon camera like it were your favorite song!
  20. Re: Are LCD screens on Canon bodies 'profiled'

    In my XSi LCD screen the colors are more saturated and the brightness is higher than in a standard monitor or in print.
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    Re: Myth busted: Canon's 14-bit snake oil

    All this 14 bit discussion is really funny! If I was a Canon marketing manager I'd have gone all the way and put in all Canon cameras, in big shiny letters, 32 BIT SUPER EXTRA HIGH QUALITY RAW IMAGE...
  22. Re: Are all CANON "sensors" created equal in terms of image quality??

    This is a very interesting question I
  23. Re: NEW! Assignment 16: What's on your plate?

    Hello, this one was taken while drinking some tea with friends, it was a very spontaneous shot since I just saw the cups on the table and gave them a try.

  24. Re: hello everyone please critique this idea.

    Hi Salazar, I liked the first picture in this post! Don
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    Re: Color Temperature.....

    Well, I think you're talking about the regular (lossy) JPEG standard, as the lossless JPEG standard doesn't use DCT, but DPCM (differential pulse code modulation). Besides, DCT and chroma subsampling...
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