I would like to submit two photos I took last year for critique. They arethe best I could do at this stage of the game, but they are far from perfect. Please be honest, I welcome feedback.

The first photo ws from June in Grand Teton National Park. It is probably one of the most heavily photographed spots in nature photography. What you don't see is all the mosquitos that you have to put up with. They were so thick I was swatting my hat trying to chase them away, and they were so big I heard one of them say, hey watch my tripod. Just kidding, lots of photographers too.

Here is a portrait of my son Michael:

I am more concerned aboutit technically. It was just a quick test with shallow depth of field.

Please feel free to post your own images in this thread as well to demonstrate a technique, and feel free to manipulate the photos I have posted if you like.

Tetons Large sized http://www.flickr.com/photos/talicoa/2917843138/sizes/l/

Michael Large sized http://www.flickr.com/photos/talicoa/3124333462/sizes/l/

Thanks in advance for looking and for the advice.