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Thread: My New Baby... 5D Mark II

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    My New Baby... 5D Mark II


    I got mine a two weeks ago and I love it. It was an unclaimed Best Buy order, only one in the Los Angeles area. And I'm still brimming with glee.

    I mounted my 70-200 2.8 IS and the gates of heavens parted. I also picked up an almost new 24-70mm and pure bliss--the colors are amazing and the heft made me feel like a pro, I have arrived. Divinity!

    Read some articles on the Net about shooting HD video, not there yet, but maybe this weekend.

    Anyway, obviously I'm in love, now only if I can take decent pictures...

    Could someone please point me to a Net resource on how to get great HD video with the 5D Mark II?

    On Cloud Nine,


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    Re: My New Baby... 5D Mark II

    Best buy? 5D II? I'm shocked.

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