I just received my Nodal Ninja 5 in the mail yesterday morningand I am anxious to start using it. Within the next few days I plan to mount three different lenses to my 5D Mark II and figure out settings for each at multiple focal lengths. I want to be setup by the time I leave for Grand Teton National Park on Aug 21.

Does anyone else here have experience with this piece of equipment, or know someone who does and also shoots with Canon? I'm not ruling out Nikon users to post here with info - but am looking for specifics on lenses if possible.

Specifically, I will be using the 16-35 Mark II, 24-70 and 70-200 2.8 IS. I think a telephoto panoramic image would be quite neat to do.

So if you're a user and have settings to share, feel free. If not, I will post mine as soon as I can. I am very anxious for my upcoming trip, and am glad I have a few weeks to figure this thing out.

One last note - I purchased PTGUI Pro to stitch my images together as I know another person who uses the program and it works very well for pano stitching.