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Thread: histograms

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    Re: histograms

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Alicoate
    There may be a better way to make this Histogram closer to true. Anybody have any ideas? I don't want to mess with the three color ones if the results are as bad as you say.

    The only way I can think of would be for a camera manufacturer to add this simple option. Barring that, there is no way you can get close without messing with the colors, because the colors are exactly the reason why it's off in the first place.

    Accurate colors or accurate exposure: pick one.

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    Re: histograms

    I've learnt a lot from all the posts in this thread. Thanks to everyone for contributing. One other thing: the histogram in PP software such as ACR or Lightroom is not quite the same as the camera's (especially if you shoot RAW), but can be used to correct overall exposure and tone based on the same principles. Any good book on e.g. Lightroom will provide a thorough explanation. The colour channels are, however, more useful than implied elsewhere. You can use them to check your HSL settings in addition to getting the exposure right.

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