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Thread: Canon EOS 5D Mark II Review Discussion

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    Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark II Review Discussion

    We recently took our 5DII out for its maiden sports voyage this past weekend at a duathlon. Keep in mind that the 5D is not and never really was built for the sports shooter.

    I find the AF slower than on a 1D and a 40D. When we shoot we live by AI Servo and primarly use center focus lock.

    OOPF as related to just the AF performace is subjective. Runners are usually 90-95% in focus using any camera system we have. Bikes on the other hand are coming at you at speeds from 15-28 mph. For the past race, in BreezeBrowser, I nixed 4 completly horrible shots (bike moving too fast, focus hit the legs and not the face or helmet, etc) out of 280 frames. Of the remaining frames, probably 13% were sharp enough to be blown up but not optimal, think of a softfocus filter.

    Over all the 1DIII and the 40D we've found have better af performance on moving objects over the 5D. Would we use the 5D again? We're going to give it a few more tries at events, but it'll probably be regulated to medal shots, candids and running events. The camera was bought for our wedding gigs, where it shines.

    Our single biggest snitch: the redesigned and cant retrofit %^&*&#!!!! battery.

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    Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark II Review Discussion


    Finally someone who has taken the 5D MK II video capabilities for what they are - just HD video.

    You wouldn't believe the amount of threads out there, people concerned that the whole game is now changing, that photographers (wedding photographers specifically) will now have to offer video services to remain competitive in the market. The problem here, is (and many have said this) that many good photographers will turn into bad videographers. Just search up "5D Mark II" on YouTube and find out by yourself. I'm amazed at how all of attempted-5D II videographers go ooo-ahh as Vince LaForet sends bright light sources out of focus in Reverie, and try it themselves, and again, and again, and again.

    All in all, this camera seems absolutely amazing - excellent all around.

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    Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark II Review Discussion

    Thanks for the review, like all your reviews, it's very nice and quite helpful with both technical and "real life" comments – real references.

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