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Thread: Recommendation for a TS-E lens?

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    Recommendation for a TS-E lens?

    Hello all! First post here

    I'm interested in one of the TS-E lenses. I simply cannot choose between the 45 and the 90.

    (some background information on my equipment: 5D Mark II, 35L, 85 1.8, 100 Macro, 300 F4 IS

    Because i am somewhat less interested in (at least outdoor) architecture photography, i was excluding the 24 from beginning. My main interest is somewhat-near-macro photography (flowers, food) and landscape - i was wonderung how well the 45 2.8 could handle macros with a x.16 magnification - which is the most critical point for me.

    While I know the 90 would be the lens to go for, i think that it might be just a little too long to try out indoor archtiecture, wider product photography or landscape.

    Does someone here have the TS-E 45 and can tell me how well the 45 handles those lovely near-macro shots (something like the pictures from fredmiranda: )? Can someone give me an example of what maximum magnification will look like with this one?

    If it is possible, i'd prefer the 45, as it also has 72mm Filter size (the size i do own alot of filters already...).

    Thanks for advices, ideas and comments!

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    Re: Recommendation for a TS-E lens?

    Hi and welcome (if it’s my place to say so&hellip
    I just bought the 45 for my 5D mk2 and can’t get enough of it. I dismissed the 24 from the outset because the copies I borrowed were all soft across the range. They really were a disappointment and I do like outdoor photography. I haven’t used a ts-e 90 because I have a 40D which will obviously multiply by 1.6 if required, so the 45 was something of a no-brainer for me.
    Thanks for the link to the FM shots. They’ve just added another reason for feeling good about my purchase. The following thoughtless images are my standard test for lens sharpness and CA: one of my bookcases. All the exposures were taken at 100 ISO on a 5D mk2 in M jpg, WB set for tungsten, no cropping, no PP whatsoever, except file export @ 50% in Lightroom 2. Each shot was taken at f/2.8 and then at f/8. I didn’t use any of the tilt/shift/rotate adjustments, but focused using live view, so any obvious, absolute mistakes are mine, all mine. The last three were shot with an FE 12 extension tube and I applied maximum shift and no tilt on the tulip shot (got bored with books) - completely arbitrarily.
    I don’t know whether this will really help. This lens is highly variable (one copy good, one copy not so much).
    I’d be very interested to find out what you’re going to do with your t-s lens, whichever one you buy. The filter size was another factor for me, but the fact that I have a cropped-sensor really decided it for me. Obviously, for macro shots of easily scared fauna, the 90 gives you a bit more elbow room.


    Half second at f/2.8

    Sorry, there seems to be server problems with file uploads (max limit or invalid names) - or maybe I'm doing something wrong. E-mail me if you want the other test shots for comparison

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    Re: Recommendation for a TS-E lens?

    Managed to add one more. hope it helps.[img]/cfs-file.ashx/__key/CommunityServer.Components.UserFiles/[/img]

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    Re: Recommendation for a TS-E lens?

    Thank you, Stefan, for your comment and advice. I'm a bit sorry to say that your advice came too late, already... I bought a TS-E 45 already, and waiting for its arrival!

    I've seen some more flower pictures made with this lens and it should be enough for my needs. I dont really want a full-macro shot of a flower with close-up, im rather interested in 1/5th to 1/3rd of the subject filling it, which the 45 is more than capable of.

    I can't wait its arrival... so excited!

    Thanks again for your comment ( although i made up my mind already !)

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