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Thread: Canon 580EX II or 430EX

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    Re: Canon 580EX II or 430EX

    For the EOS 40D, will the 580 EXII work well? I'm trying to decide whether to get the 580 EX II now or 2 BP-511A batteries (already have 2 for my 40D battery grip). Thanks.


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    Re: Canon 580EX II or 430EX

    It'll work very well for any compatible camera, and the 40D is definitely one of them. The 40D and 1Ds3 were the two bodies that could fully control the menus of the 580EX II at initial release (they added it to the 1D3 in a subsequent firmware list). It's a great flash - powerful, flexible, silent (except when it zooms and on a full pop only if you have the external battery pack), reliable.
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    Re: Canon 580EX II or 430EX

    I have never used a a 430, but I sure love my 580 EX II. I have one and it has been a worthy companion. For me, the increased distance of light output has been great when i am in a big church, needing long fill in daylight, or simply needing a lot of bounce light. I really like the scroll wheel on the back. It is a very easy to use flash, and if you don't want to use TTL, you can turn that off and go old school in the custom functions. (maybe the 430 does that too?) Gotta love Canon for making gear that is simple, yet complex as you need it.

    Based on what I have read about the 430, and how I have used my 580 you will be happy either way. I do think the 580 is worth the extra money though.

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