We had some fun with the last assignment with Keith B winning with a beach sunset picture. His prize was to choose the next topic. Here is what we are looking for:

A portrait or self-portrait of people working/interacting with
tools/machinery or with cars, motorcycles, bicycles, or what have you. This could also include lawn mowers, wood working power tools, etc. The only requirement is that it be powered, electrically or through a fuel engine.

There are no restrictions on new/old pictures. While I would like you to go out and take something new, if you have an old picture please do not hesitate to submit it. Submissions are open till Sunday December 6, about a week. Keith B and ShutterbugJohan will be narrowing the submissions at the end of the week.

We have the finalists in! Sorry this took so long, that was my fault. Here you go, voting is at the bottom and open till Friday. Remember that the prize for first place is picking the next assignment. (I will probably ask you to judge it as well.) Thanks again to Keith B for this subject.

CONGRATULATIONS Itheone for your win this time around!