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Thread: Upgrade / Downgrade

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    Re: Upgrade / Downgrade

    I used to own 10-22 canon. Mostly stayed in my dry cabinet and i sold it already.

    I definitely kept my 24-70 L and consider move to FF []

    Thx for the advice Dave.

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    Re: Upgrade / Downgrade

    Quote Originally Posted by neuroanatomist
    There does appear to be a difference in sharpness in the ISO-12233 charts, with the 24-70 being the sharper of the two. Of course, that might have something to do with the fact that the 24-70mm test shots were with a 1Ds Mk III whereas the 17-55mm test shots were with a 50D... Those camera bodies seem quite different to me.

    Yes there are different, but only to the better because if you were to put the 24-70mm on the 50D it would be even better. Because of the fact that the small sensor crops out the corners and the pixel density wouldveryslightly impact the center of the frame sharpness. I'm not counting the differance in resolution, just actual sharpness at there native resolutions.


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    Re: Upgrade / Downgrade

    Keep what you have ans save up for the 17-55 IS USM or better yet the 16-35mm f/2.8 L II USM.

    Sometimes we just have to wait. Darn hard sometimes.


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    Re: Upgrade / Downgrade

    Not to long ago I chose between those two lens, not based on $. Strictly what I would shoot more. I felt the 24-70mm crept to close to my next lens, 70-200 2.8. The 17-55 went as wide as I'd need with out fish eye/barrel rolling to much on the shot. For me, a 10-22 had limiteduse for what i shoot, the 70-200 had huge use, so I fiddled in the middle with a 17-55.

    I feel certain either lens will resale well if I jump to FF, so the loss isn't worth staring at.

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