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Thread: "Attention Europe, European Union, England and Ireland"

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    "Attention Europe, European Union, England and Ireland"

    Just noticed this on the news page... I don't mean to nit-pick Bryan, but while as an Englishman I'm proud to have particular mention over the 27 other EU member states - not to mention the other two countries of the United Kingdom - but England, including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as part of the UK, is also part of the European Union!

    I'm not sure if there are any proud Scots or Welshmen on here, but since they do tend to get forgotten about I thought I'd raise this on their behalf [:P] [].

    A great addition from B&H though - I've never really understood how import duty and VAT work together so this calculator will be really helpful. Thanks for the heads-up. []

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    Re: "Attention Europe, European Union, England and Ireland"

    Thanks for clearing that up for me! []

    Maybe I'll just simplify that post.

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