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Thread: Zuni Mts New Mexico

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    Zuni Mts New Mexico

    Taken close to my family property in the Zunis. Crop is about 20% of original. 20D 200mm@f5.6 ISO 100 1/250 sec. w/ 70-200 f2.8L IS.Taken in sRGB and prossed in ACR with slight exposure, clarity, and contrast adjustments as well as white balance. A very bright morning sun just off to the left. Your critique most appreciated-


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    Re: Zuni Mts New Mexico

    Looks like you need a monopod, I'm sure cat shots when this close are hard to come by, and it's too bad it's not sharp for you.

    And it doesn't look like it's the motion of the cat that is the issue, since none of the plants look very crisp either. Work on holding your breath or resting the lens on something to maximise your golden opportunity.

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    Re: Zuni Mts New Mexico

    Looks like the focus is on the brush plant just to the left of the cats face, so that cat came out looking a little soft. Fun subject though - not something you see in my area! When my subjects are backlit I use layers in CS3 to lighten the subject just a bit so you can see more detail.

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    Re: Zuni Mts New Mexico

    these are very big cats and almost intimidating, it looks like you cropped into a picture that was shot further away? it would be nice to throw some light on the cat by means of flash on or off camera or walk to the other side (but I prefer standing still, the flash might scare him alittle and freeze him, instead of stepping into their territory and get scratched .. or eaten. ... kidding.. but they are very territorial)

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