40D & 400 f/5.6L

7 in the morning, ISO 3200, f/5.6, 1/350 sec, just shoot and hope for the best []. The trout was so big that it took this GBH over 5 minutes to swallow it down, and when it succesfully swallowed the trout, it couldn't fly away!.

ISO 3200 of the 40D is quite usable if you run your image through a noise removal software and if your image is not underexposed and heavily cropped. I used a nearby tree stump to rest my 400 f/5.6 to reduce camera shake. With a big catch this GBH couldn't move much, this allowed me to use a slow shutter speed, I shot a burst of 5-6shots and picked out the sharpest one. Iused Noise Ninja to clean up the noise.Please let me know what you like and dislike about this photograph.

You can view a larger version of this photograph here http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=8486619&size=lg