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Thread: FD to EF converter?

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    FD to EF converter?

    Hey all,

    My friend has an XT and only has the stock lens with
    it but has (what I'm assuming) are old FD lenses. Is there a conector
    that she can get to use the FDs on the XT? She's ok with the having to
    use manual focus and what not.

    Many thanks,

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    Re: FD to EF converter?

    Yes. You can get them from Adorama and other online retailers. Look under lens "adaptors" or such.

    The problem is that the FD to EF one requires a lens element, thereby reducing optical quality of the FD lenses. But at least she can still use them. I've got one and some FD lenses. Loss of IQ kept me from using it, but if she has focal lengths in FD she wants to use and lacks with the kit lens, then it at least gets you that benefit.

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