Hey guys,

I don't typically post this type of question, but I'm at a total loss for what to be saving my money for right now. To my parents there are logical answers such as a car or college, but those just don't seem reasonable to me when there are photo gear upgrades to be purchased! I'll have $600-$700 within the next two weeks. Money burns a hole in my pocket...

The Breakdown:

I love shooting portraits, action sports, and events. I'm a strobist at heart, I love playing with lights. I have the 17-200 range covered with good/professional quality glass Tamron 17-50 2.8 and Canon 70-200 f/4L. My only body is a 20D. I have a Canon 430EXII speedlite, a Vivitar 285HV and a slew of light modifiers. I fire them with cybersyncs. I am second shooting weddings this summer with a local photographer. I am also shooting some promo shots for local skateboard shops this summer.

The Question:

What is the next logical upgrade for me?

My Lineup:

1 Alien Bee 800 and needed accessories, (light stand, umbrella, carrying case, 48" shoot through umbrella) Vagabond II battery pack. Total: $630(ish)

MacBook Pro: $1300+

2 more GB RAM for my current (old) MacBook. Total: $100

1 TB external hard drive. I currently share an eternal HD with my family and do not have all my system files and edits backed up for space restrictions. Total: $90

Background stand. I have a mammoth PVC construction that hangs disassembled from my garage ceiling. It'd be nice to not have to use a ladder and teamwork to retrieve a background stand. Total: $100(ish)

Feel free to add your own suggestions. I'm open to anything, but I have to dedicate something soon or my money will disappear on useless things.

Thanks so much for your opinions/suggestions.