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Thread: Arggg.....Trouble with online printing...Please help!!

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    Arggg.....Trouble with online printing...Please help!!

    I have been ordering some pics from adoramapix and they did not come out how I thought they would. Some one told me that my computer needs to be calibrated or I could use some kind of file in photoshop to do it? But I don't want to have to go through photoshop at this moment to deal with printing. So does any one know how to calibrate a monitor for a new iMac computer. I ordered from shutterfly and they printed fine, but I need more play with sizes and options at this point. Please help with any information you can. Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: Arggg.....Trouble with online printing...Please help!!

    Check out Mpix, they will color correct for you.

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    Re: Arggg.....Trouble with online printing...Please help!!

    What do you mean, "not come out"? There's always a difference between your monitor's backlit images and prints, unfortunately. There is a utility in PS for your Mac and any good how-to book (try the standard Kelby one for PS for photographers) will explain what to do. It is necessary, even with a brand new computer/monitor, but there's no guarantee even a calibrated monitor will help your on-line print store produce WYSIWYG images.

    The gamma setting is a Mac historical conceit and requires little attention (won't change much) and I use both platforms (with equally depressing results at first). I use a huey pro calibration system (all I could find ) which corrects the colour cast on fairly good quality monitors (a LaCie on my Vista machine and my MBP notebook). Even so, I would recommend buying a fairly cheap printer and doing it by trial and error until you're satisfied with the results on good quality paper (I recommend Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl). Make sure you use the correct ICC for your paper. After many frustating attemps, my output is- I believe - better than prints obtained on-line from pros.

    Hope this helps, but it doesn't really answer your question []

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