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    Would you suggest I use a CPL for taking pictures of snowy mountains? I'm going on vacation pretty soon, and I wanted to know if it were better to use a polarizing filter with all the reflections from the snow or if it didn't have major effects -I haven't really had problems with reflections as for now, I was wondering though =)-

    Also, I know it's hard to take good exposures with snow, but I think I can manage it -I've done some practice during these weeks, here it snowed a lot this yeah-

    So, what do you think? CPL or no CPL?

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    Re: CPL

    I'm not sure. I'd try it both ways.

    What I would definitely do is use a gray card to meter off of for the exposure. And use it for white balance later (I use the Lastolite Ezybalance. Waterproof and folds down pretty small).

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