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Thread: Printing and viewing

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    Printing and viewing

    Yes its that age old problem, printing. Initially my prints were dark. Bought a colour monki and calibrated the screen. It is an LCD so was far to bright. Got my paper matched with the paper companies spectromiter. Much better. But i still have one problem. Me. I like dark moody shots so if its concious or not, when i print something i think is ok, it still looks a bit dark to others. So, the final thing i need to do is get some sort of set up where i can check my prints in natural light. I put them in to local competitions and they do look a little dark to others as they use a home made natural light box set up to view them.

    Anyone know where to buy such bulbs, or is there a none expensive way i could build such a set up. It wont need to be low light gallery light as these shots are jus for me and my local club competitions.



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    Re: Printing and viewing

    That is a typical problem between the screen and print for many people.

    I am not sure what you are asking or trying to do, but if it is the lights you want for best natural light, those energy efficient Fluorescent bulbs will work fine, they are daylight natural sunlight rated 5000k, and are what I use with my light-box. You can buy them anywhere they sell household light-bulbs.

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