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Thread: BIG MESS! with lot's of pics...

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    BIG MESS! with lot's of pics...

    My how the house of TDP has grown! I had around 45K pics in iPhoto (it is not built for these kind of numbers I know) and made the mistake of starting to move them to LR when I learned that Aperture is my preference. Now my iPhoto library shows thumbs but shows a black screen with an exclamation point when double clicked. I need and want to move All of my pics into the Aperture library OR move All of my pics back to iPhoto into a number of sub libraries using "iPhoto library manager" I shoot quite a bit of what ever interests me and at this time I do not need a PRO approach. I shoot with a 40D and use a Mac. I have plenty of space on several HD's and simply want all my pics in one place. Any input is most appreciated!


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    Re: BIG MESS! with lot's of pics...

    Pick a program, stick with it, and ignore the other programs.

    Or, draw a line (date) in the sand, and declare iPhoto the program of choice for photos before a certain date, with Aperture the program of choice for photos after that date.

    Or, do the above but convert RAW to DNG (if Aperture supports that). Go back through old pictures AS NEEDED and convert to DNG; any folders where you have DNGs are assumed to be in your newer software.
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