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An image that no one can fault. If someone can show me an image that has no faults could you please post it for me, I would be greatly intrigued and it would be a great reference point.

Considering photography is highly subjective, I do not believe a "perfect" image exists. What one may find perfect, another is not so impressed. You must remember that here at TDP, we have photographers at all skill levels from the beginning hobbyist to the highly professional. If I were to take this photo above, for me it would be perfect considering I am as low on the totem pole as you can get for skill level. I have watched the OP photos improve greatly over time & I believe he is just looking at ways to keep improving his skill.

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For the sensitive ones out there, don’t get your pants in a twist and read something into this that is not there, just asking to see the perfect faultless image that everyone likes.
I don't believe anyone is trying to find fault in anyone's photos, just merely suggest ways for improvement in future shots. My feelings are if someone is going to point out a negative on someone's photo, a suggestion for improvementshould accompany it. IMO, no one's skill level is so high that there isn't anymore room for improvement.

BTW - Very nice photo again, Angelo but I do agree with the others about the whites of the eyes. Maybe have her look slightly past you next time. I look forward to seeing more of your photos soon!!