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Thread: B/W picture, critique welcomed

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    B/W picture, critique welcomed


    I rarely shoot in B/W, and tonight I was just testing myself to get an acceptable shot, using just one light (tabletop lamp with CFL bulb). I adjusted the exposure, highlights and shadows a bit in DPP. Also, I compared color (standard picture style) vs. monochrome, just to see the difference, and I liked the B/W version best (the shot was intended to be B/W, anyway).

    I don't have too much experience with B/W, so I'd like to know your comments and critique about this picture (now I realize the contrast is a bit high).


    Canon XSi, EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens @ 18mm f/5.6, 0.8 sec, ISO 200.

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    Re: B/W picture, critique welcomed

    Nice shot! With an exposure that long, did you consider taking one where the drummer moved his hands for some motion blur? Also, although I'm not a stickler for rules, one of the compositional no-no's is having a diagonal (left forearm and drumstick, in this case) enter the frame from the exact corner.

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    Re: B/W picture, critique welcomed

    Make note to self. Get Cardinal Rule Book of No-No's for Dummies lol. neuroanatomistis right. A shot of some drumming motion would have been pretty cool in this instance.

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    Re: B/W picture, critique welcomed

    Thanks for your comments! I'm not too happy with the placement of my left hand in relation to the frame as well (it looks weird, and yes, I'm the drummer behind the sticks []), but there was not a lot of space in my room to place the tripod and camera (as you note, the lens is at its minimum length, and that composition of the drums was the best I could get from that spot, so the position of the hands is purely incidental). I'll try some motion blur today, I didn't think of it at first!

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    Re: B/W picture, critique welcomed

    I really liked the exposure and contrast.I think you found the right balance to enhance the essentials. Some motion would perhaps be fine, but that is a matter of taste. What I found odd with the picture was that both drumsticks rest on the drum, which seldom happens during a session [:P]. The picture has a bit of a "still life" appearance, perhaps intended?

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    Re: B/W picture, critique welcomed

    Hi Lars, you're right, it doesn't look very "natural" to have the sticks in that position over the drumhead when playing, but that was intended (besides, I couldn't play at midnight [:S]). I tried to simulate several playing positions, but I think it only looks right if you're actually playing (maybe I could "air drum" over the drums, though []).

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