Thanks Everyone - for your thoughts and suggestions.
I've learned quite a bit reading over your comments.

Maybe my familiarity with the scene clouds my judgement of the shot. In reality those buildings are huge. Standing across the river you "feel" their presence; it's imposing, like a wall along the river's edge. Now that I've read your comments and thought about it more, I can see there was no way I was going to capture any of that quality with this shot.

Thanks for pointing out some of the things that do work about the image. I like the texture in the water and the colors/reflections.

I was especially interested in your comments regarding the softness of the buildings and the motion blur showing up in the boat's lettering. I hadn't really noticed either one. Your guesses were right on the money though, it was quite windy that morning, and the East River flows at a rapid rate in any case. I never even thought of raising the ISO. I've never dealt with such a sensitive subject before like this boat in the water. A 6-sec shutter speed... I should've known...

I'll have to try your suggestions of a faster shutter/higher ISO/tighter aperture for better DOF... I really appreciate all of your comments and I can't wait to put them into practice.

Thanks again! You guys are the best!