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Thread: Strobist C&C Wanted!!

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    Strobist C&C Wanted!!

    I had a "Gangster" theme shoot involving two subjects and car the other day.

    I seem to have bad luck breaking at least one thing everytime...this time being one of my two Cactus V4 triggers [] (I managed to take it apart and do a quick fix afterwards).

    So this shoot was unfortunately done with only one Vivitar 285HV and thus no rim lights on the two subjects...

    The car image was a compilation of 14 images that I took while I carried my light stand around the car and under. The 7D is on a tripod and triggered with RC-6.

    Since the subjects are also photoshopped in from a shot where they were the only thing lit, I had to add some artificial shadows.

    I don't think I'm good enough to photoshop in the rim lights so my biggest concern (within my skills) is the shadows around their feet. Is it just me or do the shadows still seem very unnatural!?!?

    Tips and suggestions please!!


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    Re: Strobist C&C Wanted!!

    No, it's not just you... the car and the models definitely look like they came from two different images (possibly even three - the model on the right is out of focus).

    I think you could shoot the whole thing without making a Photoshop composite using two flashes on stands, a couple bare ceiling bulbs and a fluorescent work light (or two, and LED flashlights would work just as well) under the car and I think it would work fine (if you care to try). I'm personally not a fan of composite images for the most part, but that's just me.

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    Re: Strobist C&C Wanted!!

    Quote Originally Posted by IAMB

    the car and the models definitely look like they came from two different images

    Yeah I think it's from all the mismatch lighting...

    This shot would have felt less unnatural if I had a rim light back left of the models...The well lit front of the car and their darkened left side doesn't match...

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