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Thread: C&C On Desktop Wallpapers

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    Re: C&C On Desktop Wallpapers

    Wow, thanks Rich, I was not expecting that!

    I appreciate the comments, and although they are more negative in nature; I pretty much entirely agree with every point. And to be frank with my own opinion: even after only shooting a couple hundred since those above shots, I canrecognizemany of those factors (or issues) you mention in your quite thorough post.

    (I had some more written here, but after rereading what I had typed, I really only re-hashed what you already said.. so it was seemingly pointless) Anyhow, I have enjoyed being able to read other's critiques; and hopefully I'll be able to do this again in a couple months! Thanks again for all the comments!


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    Re: C&C On Desktop Wallpapers

    You're Welcome, My Pleasure!


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    Re: C&C On Desktop Wallpapers

    Very nice work! The only thing I would do is flip the top image so that the empty grey is on the left, which is where most people keep their desktop program icons.

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