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Thread: Alpen house HDR C&C

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    Re: Alpen house HDR C&C

    Hi Jan:

    It is understandable that it was hard to find in an internet search. First I got the name wrong, I wrote that it was HDR Exposure, when in fact it was HDR Expose. So please excuse my error. The second reason is that the name of the company is different Unified Color than the products name. Here is the link/ address You can do a 30 day test to see if you like it and the last time I checked it was on sale for 1/3 off, from $149.00 down to $99.00. Both my wife and I like the look that we get from this program and feel that the final results is a very good combination of the photos entered to look like a naturally lit scene as we would see it with our eyes.

    We both really dislike programs like Photo-Matrix and HDR Darkroom that make the scene look fake, man made or however you want to label them. There is nothing wrong with those programs and there is nothing wrong with the folks that like them and their end result. It is that just we don't like the results.

    This information I got out of the article "High Dynamic Range Software" from the July 2010 issue of Outdoor Photography. If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.



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    Re: Alpen house HDR C&C

    Thanks Wayne, I will check it out.

    Quote Originally Posted by Iguide
    there is nothing wrong with the folks that like them and their end result

    Pfffuuuww ... I was almost afraid there was something wrong with me []

    You'll hear back from me! Can take a while since I'm pretty busy with post-processing a LOT [:P]

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