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Thread: New photography website

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    New photography website

    Hi Guys

    Can you please give some feedback, on my new wedding photography website, im located In Peterborough and Stamford in the UK. My main business is wedding photography although I do take other commercial projects on.

    Im still working on the site and uploading sample images etc.

    Many Thanks.

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    Re: New photography website


    it doesn't seem to work. Only the frontpage is online for me.

    The flash site nor the wordpress part seem to work.

    One thing already though...the picture of the bride on your frontpage isn't the best quality. Perhaps it's a jpeg conversion problem and you'd like to keep it small, but it isn't sharp anymore. I personally would have my frontpage sharp as I can. First impression is everything!

    Giveme a signal if the site is up and running [Y]


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    Re: New photography website

    Echoing Jan's comments - only the front page loads for me (maybe I'm impatient?). I also agree the image on the main page could be sharper - color and contrast are great, though. Also, altering the tilt of the image might help - the bride's eyes are not on the same level, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but that combined with the steeper angle of the element (wall, whatever) above the groom accentuates the tilt of the image, to my eyes.

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