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Thread: Firestarter & TDP Members!! Harshest C&C Requested!

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    Re: Firestarter & TDP Members!! Harshest C&C Requested!

    I got to this thread late, so I really don't have much to say that would be new and original.

    As I was looking through your initially posted photos, I formulated some responses and then I got to the first comment I saw that everything I was thinking of, was already said in that first comment. Sorry, Takahiro...

    P.S. Now I feel even more uneasy when you called me out to task by name. [:$]

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    Re: Firestarter & TDP Members!! Harshest C&C Requested!

    Sorry I am late to this thread. Very interesting. I like all of the suggestions. My one comment is much more conceptual. The intent of the monks excercise is to teach that we should "embrace the process, with less emphasis on lingering on to the product." So, in addition to trying to images from above, bluring motion, etc, I would try to include photographs that capture that intent. Focus on the monks process, the details of placing the sand, their tools, the selection of the sand, the color, the type of sand, perhaps an image from over a monks shoulder to show the monks perspective, anything showing the monks focus on his task (low angle of monks face with tools blurred), etc. Then, and as I don

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    Re: Firestarter & TDP Members!! Harshest C&C Requested!

    @Iculpin - Thanks!

    @Rich and Bob - I do agree that the Mandala is a bit overexposed. I'll try to selectively tone that down. The sand cups as well so it doesn't pull the eye as much. The diffuser is an interesting idea. However, they've already completed the Mandala and is now raised on a platform my waist height. Unfortunately I cannot get to this high angle even if I stand on a chair anymore [] I'm also thinking the diffuser (depending what kind of light modifier it's put on) will create greater light spill that we've been trying to prevent all along. What kind of light modifier did you all have in mind to put the diffuser on??

    @Firestarter - No worries there will hopefully be more opportunities []

    @Brant - How about this shot for "over the shoulder"? ...or semi-over. This is from the very first day so I think I forgot to use the CPL on this one [:^)]I'm very much looking forward to the destruction ceremony. It'll be this Sat afternoon, but I hear they just plainly gather the sand by brush and after a long procession to a local river, pour it over the bridge. Their ceremonial attire and instruments should have high potential for great images, if my skills can live up to it [:P] I'll try focusing more on close portrait shots with thin DOF to capture their emotions....or lack thereof? Since I guess they're not supposed to feel any attachment for it...hmmm

    Thanks all!! []


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