This is an old one ( and one of the first waterfalls) I took and hated it, but kept coming back to. The things I hated were: The sky above the trees (blown out), the grey/brown water, and all the green stuff. I know that's most of it. I do like the rock on the right side up top. Changing to black and white didn't do nothing for me, so I tried a little Lith-action to it. Never done it before and not sure if it's correct. Also not real sure about the fake fish-eye I put on it. I'm leaning towards "not so much". I've just been staring at it way to long and everything is running together. I'm pretty sure there is a better picture in this thing than what I've come up with so far. Some of the things I want to know about the picture is: Is it decent the way it is (aka would you pay $5 for a copy), or should I just remove the bottom half of the and crop out most of the sky. There are enough pixels floating around for me to do that but might make the picture a bit truncated. I think the camera was set on Tv at around 1/2 sec. which is why I need a ND filter if I want to take pictures of this stuff in the afternoon and still have an F-number to play with.