I think freelanceshots, our winner from Assignment 14, has said it best, so here are his words:

I was thinking of a contest where the submitted images would need to have some part of the image with motion blur and another part of the image in sharp focus. The way for people to do this is to use a slower shutter speed fast enough to capture the subject but blur other objects moving faster. Another example is using a tripod with really low shutter speeds but capture unmovable objects as still images. Another technique is to pan with an object and blur everything else not moving with the subject. Another example could be painting with light where you use a slow shutter and a flash on the second curtain and move a light source around to create text or shapes or even more.

Here is an example from my Flickr:


The Finalists

Sorry about this! Apparently lists of people were sent to me, and my email never delivered. Here are the finalists, poll is below


the child in the swing is really good because the background is so silky smooth and the child is in pretty good focus. Just overall very pleasing. Hopefully not heavily enhanced with the aid of the computer


Joel Eade

Because its an original subject and artfully done


Sean Setters

Because it took effort above and beyond to get this shot and I like his color choice in WB to balance the color of the car and the background light plus the lighting setup in the car.

Alex Niedra

Because its just a cool, original image with unique shapes made by the waves. White balance was an interesting choice that added to the image presentation.


Andy Stringer

Because of the precision to capture a wild tiger with a fast enough shutter to capture the head but still blur the body to show movement.

a completely still image would be boring. Could use some contrast and saturation which would make it more eye popping.