Please don't PM me as I'm not very good at keeping track of that. Contact information is at the end of the descriptions.

Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro / ET-67 Lens Hood / Hoya HMC UV Filter: I've decided to sell my macro lens simply for lack of use. It was purchased as REFURBISHED BY CANON. I can't tell you the exact date I bought it, but assume more than one year but less than three years ago. My best guess is two years ago. I have not been so good at keeping receipts lately. At the same time I purchased a 58mm Hoya HMC UV filter so that's been on it since I got it. Included are the original box as well as box for the ET-67 hood but not the box the filter came in (it's on the lens). I either don't have or lost the manual and warranty card, but the lens would be out of warranty in any event. The lens appears as new to me. I can't see anything inside but my eyesight is not so good so a morediscerning observer may be able to spot something. I can only tell you what I see though.

Today at Adorama they sell the REFURBISHED EF 100mm f/2.8Macrolens for $519 plus shipping, the hood is $36 plus shipping and whatever the UV filter cost. I will sell the lens, hood and filter for $400 shipped free to the ConUS.

Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L: I bought this lens and a 24-105 f/4 and subsequentlyfound I didn't use the 24-70 much. It was purchased new USA version from 17th Street Photo on March 6 of 2009. Included are the original box, blank warranty card, hood and soft pouch.

Now for the downside. I recently sold this lens to a nurse I work with and she had it for about a month. Then she decided she couldn't afford it and as she hadn't paid me yet I took it back. Upon inspection, I noticed a small dent in the zoom ring. She of course denes she did this but I can assure you it wasn't that way when she took it. In any event, I'm stuck with a damaged lens. The dent makes the zoom ring minimallynotchy to turn but fully functional. It's not that bad, but I want anyone to know up front that it's there. I took some pictures on my 5d with it and everything seems to work as before, save for the extrafriction on the zoom ring. I thought about sending it in for repair but would rather avoid the hassle. The dent is difficult to see unless looking for it but there nonetheless (right near the "24" numerals). Again, it does make the zoom adjustments different than when new but also again, not difficult to use.

I've looked through some used prices on this lens and settled on $900 shipped free to the ConUS. Amything less than that and I'd be better off keeping it. I'd like to use the money to buy a Canon 100-400 L lens but that can wait if I end up keeping this one.

I prefer to be contacted by email or phone. My email is waltgary at google mail ( ). My cell number is two one eight 780 four three 85. I can send photos by email if asked.

Thank you,

Gary Tuthill

Virginia, MN