Here a few engagement photos taken on the beach in Santa Cruz last night, at Natural Bridges State Park. While I do feel really bad that the rest of the country is having a REALLY horrible winter...we are really quite fortunate...and my sympathy to those of you buried under snow right now!!

Here is the actual original raw converted to .dng in LR 3.3 with just white balance correction:

1D4, adapted Nikon 14-24G...ISO 200 @1/6th...1 580EXll w/ 1/2 CTO in Lastolite 24x24 Ezbox


AND...the edited version...


1D4, 24-70 f8..Ezbox directly in front of them camera rt


1D4, 70-200 2.8ll...f5.6@1/30th ISo 400..ezbox camera left, just out of frame


32mm f5@1/100th


42mm f2.8@1/500th..exbox right in front of Courtney


and my Favorite...14-24G at probably 15-16mm f8@1/25th..ezbox camera left and just a touch behind me


After a few posters said they had gotten the "Speedlighters Handbook", by Syl Arena...I too picked it up! It is a wealth of info

for us Canonista's using small flash. I only used the Lastolite(rented from, and left my 2 shoot thru umbrellas in the

bag. Just not enough time with the sun setting, trying to manage 2 lights!! I'm pretty happy with the results, as are the couple I did the

photos for.

Let me know what you think, as it is always nice to get opinions and second or third "eyes", from different perspectives....

Thanks for looking,