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    WOW the photos in this thread are amazing...a big thumbs up! I finally kept myself to my good intention to start sorting and editing all of the photos that I have made the last 3-5 years and pretty much never did anything with afterwards. I started with the family-orientated ones where people had been waiting for for ages.

    So this is from 3 months ago when we went to Rotterdam to go abseiling from the Euromast (just over 100m/330ft of abseiling) which was a birthday gift to one of my relatives. Obviously he didn't want to go alone, so some "volunteers" where appointed.

    First we had a little boat tour through the harbour, the weather was really good at that time.

    Rotterdam Skyline by Jan Paalman, on Flickr

    Things to look at in the harbour....

    Containers in Rotterdam Harbour by Jan Paalman, on Flickr

    The SS Rotterdam, an old cruise ship that now serves as a hotel.

    SS Rotterdam by Jan Paalman, on Flickr

    After the tour we went to the Euromast to go abseiling. Lucky started to rain seriously. One thing: If you ever have the chance to do it! The first few steps were over the balcony and onto the side of the tower restaurant. Amazing and since your feet have a place to go you still feel somewhat in control. After that you get to the point that your feet can't go anywhere anymore and you'll have to hang into the harness and let yourself go down. I was on the weight limit of needed a double knot, but the instructors though a single would be ok. Turned out that with the wet rope it was pretty much impossible for me to control the speed of going downwards, so I had a relative quick way down Not the most pleasant
    Here I go (shot by the photographer):

    One step closer to the edge by Jan Paalman, on Flickr

    The set-up:

    Behind the Scenes Abseiling by Jan Paalman, on Flickr

    Went back upstairs (by elevator) afterwards and took this photo of Rotterdam from above.

    View from the Euromast by Jan Paalman, on Flickr

    Since it still rained, we decided to go away from Rotterdam, drive to the beach and have some dinner. Luckily it stopped raining so we took some shots at sunset.

    Playing in the sunset by Jan Paalman, on Flickr

    Walking on sunshine by Jan Paalman, on Flickr

    As a photographer I rarely get photographed, but Corine and I got one after all

    Having a little laugh by Jan Paalman, on Flickr

    So this was Abseiling fromt he Euromast Rotterdam in a nutshell...thanks for watching.
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