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That's one of the best of "aurora" i've ever seen.

And the reason is because, usually - aurora pictures have a really beatiful aurora but such a poor "horizon".

Not this case, congratulations!
Thanks! It wasn't hard to find an interesting foreground object... there were lots of these ice mounds right outside the cabin. The only challenge was the cold weather, but I'm used to that by now. I guess I really should have brought the 14 mm lens... the 24 mm wasn't wide enough for the huge aurora displays that happen up there. It really reinforces my view that it's worth going north just for the aurora alone. When you are under the aurora oval on a clear night, the show will be on. None of our nights were even considered "big" events... it was all run-of-the-mill by northern standards.

I made a selfie on that same ice block a little later that evening... kind of fun: