I took a vacation day from work today on spur of the momentin hopes of getting some decent bald eagle shots. Worst scenario I thought would be if the birds weren't there waiting for me when I arrived but sure enough there they were! Flying high and sitting in the tree just waiting for me! []

Lighting was perfect, I had my 7d, 100-400mm, remote shutter release, tripod, 1.4x II extension and tripod! All good to go! Photos are looking absolutely awesome on my camera!!! My spirits are flying about as high as these birds and then ...I get home, load them on the computer and they look horrible!!! My spirits have taken a flying dive into the toilet! [:'(]

I am only few keystrokes away from selling almost all of my photography equipment & buying a 1d mk III or IV and a 600mm lens and be done with it.

When I started photography a year ago, all of it was so exciting ...birding, portraits, everything! But the last few times out with the camera, I found out one fact ...my passion is in nature and wildlife, with or without a camera in hand. So, I am really wondering if I should even be owning anything other than what would be good for that purpose.

For anyone that reads this, thanks for listening!