Hello, today I experienced something very weird with my Canon XSi, and I'd like to know if somebody else has experienced this issue, thanks for your help!:

I loaded an SD card filled to half into the camera, took about four pictures, switched the camera off and went to my laptop to download the pictures. When I was browsing the card with DPP I couldn't find the pictures! I ran Recuva to verify if I accidentally deleted them, but no luck (I'm pretty sure I didn't accidentally delete anything, though). I loaded the card again in the camera but the pictures weren't there. The weird thing is, when I finished taking the pictures -before removing the card and going to the laptop- I was able to review them in the camera just fine!

Has anybody experienced this issue? It's the first time my XSi shows such a malfunction, and I don't want to imagine this happening while traveling![]

Update: I forgot to mention that the pictures already in the card weren't missing, just the latest-taken ones.