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Thread: Adorama Refurbished Deals

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    Adorama Refurbished Deals

    I used to get very excited when TDP would link to the Adorama refurb inventory updates. These prices were very attractive. That all changed about 6 months ago. When Canon raised their prices of USA lenses to adjust for the falling dollar, so too did Adorama raise their refurb prices. I have to say that refurbs at Adorama used to sell for around 3-7% less than the used rates on POTN or Fred Miranda marketplaces. Now the refurbs generally sell for 3-7% more. What happened to the good deals on refurbs? Why is Adorama so out of sync with pricing these days? I wouldn't touch a refurb for 95% of new cost. I notice their bloated inventory indicates that others must feel similarly.

    Anyway, this is just an observation. Sorry if it doesn't seem relevant to the discussion section on the forums, but I thought that since the refurbs get listed every month or so on TDP, that I would raise the observation here. Or maybe it's something I've wanted to get off my chest for sometime Bring back the good prices on refurbs, Adorama.

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    Re: Adorama Refurbished Deals

    Hmmm... I did notice a price change but didn't put it together. Maybe I should 'pay' better attention!
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