Since Ade was very quick with selecting his finalists, the poll is here already! The poll expires after 3 days.

First a small word from Ade:

First off I would like to give out two commendations for ones that didnt make the final cut;

Patham's Sunglasses, LOL, I loved the fact that you had to 'break them a bit more' to get the shot, that's dedication.

QWrad's big pile of rubbish, again was above and beyond the call of
duty, a pity you couldnt get to the pile you liked, AND missed the
deadline [img]/image_presentation1/emoticons/emotion-2.gif[/img] Better luck for the next one!

Ade selected the following submissions and added his motivation by each:


Motivation: An object used to create art, then discarded as rubbish, only to become
art itself. Exactly what the assignment asked for, not the subject but
the capture, I liked it. Reminded me of 'Shed Boat Shed' - 'Art Rubbish
Art', The next Turner prize? who knows.



Motivation: Again, encompasses the idea of the assignment well, its hard to think
anyone would want to take a picture of a storm drain, but the
composition and capture of the shot has turned it into an interesting
piece of art, I like how the the ball stands out as a key part of the
picture, and how the motion blur of the water just adds that finishing



Motivation: Not completely convinced it is your house, but nevertheless I like the
framing of the shot and it also kept me interested for a while, there is
a lot going on, but its well balanced so I found myself looking at the
whole shot, not just any one key component, the house number adds a
quirky touch, does it still get mail?