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Thread: Any Ideas On How To Remove Dust From An Image??

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    Re: Any Ideas On How To Remove Dust From An Image??

    You might also consider taking a swab/q-tip and rolling it around it the bottom of the box first before using your blower. Most dust gets shook down there after every use and blowing it out first will send a plum of junk all over the place.
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    Re: Any Ideas On How To Remove Dust From An Image??

    Manually cleaning the sensor is not to be feared. The swab method works very well. Usually, they provide a solvent (methanol) that is dropped onto the swab, just before cleaning the sensor. This will dislodge stubborn particles.

    I think I remember reading that you're not actually touching the sensor, but an IR filter that covers it. Just follow the instructions on how to wipe the slightly damp swab across the sensor area.

    Be sure NOT to touch the mirror with the swab.

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    Re: Any Ideas On How To Remove Dust From An Image??

    After yesterday's results, I decided to look at some other photos taken in the past where I had the aperture dialed up high. Boy was I surprised.
    Check out this ugliness of a photo rendered in HDR, can you count the number of dust spots??

    Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi, 0.004 sec (1/250), f/14.0, 10 mm, ISO 200, 2009.

    And to think that all this time I thought it was all lens related - I should just return my gear and stick with a point and shot!

    I may very well use my gear as is and upon my return send it out to Canon for a complete cleaning. Just need to keep that aperture wide open as possible!

    Also, Adobe Lightroom does a great job of removing the specks.

    Thanks for all your input!

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