Welcome to assignment 22! Assignment 21: Unique Perspective, was won by Freelanceshots and this assignment is what he created!

Assignment 22 is all about editing. Freelanceshots selected one of his images to be manipulated by you! Download the image, make it appear nicer, change it, add to it, use filters, HDR and anything else you want to add or change. In his words: "Do your best to improve this image, anything goes. Best one wins!"

The photo to be edited is:


This image is of a dam over the Arkansas River named Murry Lock and Dam where it was later updated to become a pedestrian and bicycle bridge. Its a pretty big crossing where thousands of people use it each day for exercise.


Bryan (Freelanceshots) has selected his favorites for the assignment so it's now time to vote and declare a winner.

The finalists are:


Motivation: The influence in the water.


Gian Luca

Motivation: The influence in general presentation


Motivation: The influence in toning and the additional framing. (the idea)


Motivation: The influence in the black and white approach with contrast I would assume.



Motivation: Overall clean image. Big improvement to the original RAW file.

Congratulations to you all and also on behalf of Bryan (Freelanceshots) we'd like to thank everybody that competed or joined this assignment. Great work![Y]

The poll will be open for 3 days. Good luck!