This assignment is what photography is all about: Light. In this assignment lighting or lights are the stars and that's what we like to see.

Update: Great input everyone! Brian (bgood) has selected his five finalists for this topic. The finalists are:
<h2>Update 2: Congratulation Adrian Mandea!! Great shot!

Adrian Mandea


Motivation: The color of the light in this one turns an everyday photo into one that is full of emotion and depth.



Motivation: This is a marvelous capture of the colors of light that the storm produced as well as the starlit sky above. Right place, right time, right photo.


Motivation: The color of the sunset is the star, but the geese provide the context to push it above any of the other sunsets



Motivation: The light in this one completely creates the emotion for me. It's an interesting picture without the spotlight, but with it I feel like I am stepping into search scene in a cops and robbers movie.

Erno James


Motivation: I love how the tail lights add energy and movement to the shot. While not the subject of this contest, it is a great example of leading lines that take my eye into the photo and keep it there.

Again congratulations to all finalists! The poll will be open for 3 days!