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Thread: Mr Silva Otair

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    Mr Silva Otair

    I have a Canon D20 with a Canon Macro 100mm F 2.8 lens and a circular flash that I use to take photos of clinical cases, I

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    Re: Mr Silva Otair

    Dear A. Rodriguez

    Thank you very much for your suggestion. I will use this body with my Canon Macro 100mm to take clinical photos of my patients treatment and landscape in my vacations.

    Best regards

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    Re: Mr Silva Otair

    Dear Rodriguez

    I went to the, you have suggested, and it helped me a lot; thank you again for your support. After have read what was there I think I will buy the 7D and maybe a 17/55mm lens.

    Thank you

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    Re: Mr Silva Otair

    To me, the only advantage of the 5D2 is that it is full frame. In all the other areas that are important to me, the 7D wins:

    * Cost

    * Autofocus

    * Frame rate

    * Weather resistance

    * Built-in flash transmitter.

    So you have to weigh the importance of these vs the value of having a full frame camera. In general, full frame benefits include less noise in low light, the ability to achieve thinner DOF (more defocus blur), a larger viewfinder, and (sometimes) better performance from lenses designed for full frame. Those are the reasons that I shoot a 5D2, but from your post, I don't think any of these are particularly important in your case,so I'd probably lean more towards suggesting the 7D and getting the benefits of all those extra features.

    If you do lean towards the 7D, I would advise you to consider the 15-85 f/3.5-5.6 IS lens. It will give you about the same ability to shoot narrow angles of view as your old 28-80, but it will open up a huge new world of wide angle photography (15mm vs 28mm is a very large difference).

    Here's something else to consider. The 60D is $550 less than the 7D, and in many ways is still more advanced than the 5D2. If you don't need the advanced features of the 7D, nor the full frame of the 5D2, then you might consider going with the 60D. It has one feature the other's done: an articulating LCD (which I *love*). Maybe the articulating LCD would come in handy for photos of clinical cases by allowing composition and focus at arms distance instead of with the eye up to the camera.

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    Re: Mr Silva Otair

    Dear Daniel

    It is amazing that we can have such a valuable piece of information of people that are really interested in helping those that need assistance. Thank you a lot for your expertise and suggestions.


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    Re: Mr Silva Otair

    I own the 60D and it

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    Re: Mr Silva Otair

    Dear John

    Thank you very much for your kindness given me such a valuable suggestion.



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