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Thread: Sean's Recent Shoot: Panos Galore

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    Sean's Recent Shoot: Panos Galore

    EDIT: Go to the last page for the most recent shoot information.

    I've photographed Sue before, but I wanted to give it another go at it. This time we met at her family's farm. The farm was located on a hilltop which provided something rare in my area--sweeping views for nearly 360 degrees. You see, in TN, you're usually closed in by tall vegetation or large hills/small mountains nearby. This location was perfect for grabbing shots with good views of the sky in nearly any direction. Unfortunately, its greatest strength also created a huge challenge--wind. There was nothing around to block the constant high winds at the location. In fact, one of my lightstands (fitted with a 60" Softlighter, affectionately called a "wind sail" in this instance) blew over while we were setting up even though it was weighted down with more than 30lbs of equipment.

    When it was all said and done, we got some pretty good shots. I wish the wind hadn't been so bad so that we could have utilized the sweeping view of the location a bit more. Regardless, it was a good day. I got about 15 selects out of the session (shots that I really liked). It was difficult to narrow the selection down to just a few to post to Flickr. In the end, these are the shots I chose. Click on the pics to see individual descriptions, EXIF, or larger sizes.

    These were posted to Flickr:

    These were other shots that I liked, but ultimately decided not to post (Note: Picasaweb is experiencing a bug where the picture disappears if you click on the link. They are working on a solution to the problem):

    2nd EDIT: I removed the picasaweb hosted album, so the images I was referring to will not display (obviously).
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