My oldest daughter and I have had our disagreements lately but we decided to put all that behind us. Today she visited and allowed me to take photos for the first time of my newest granddaughter, Krista Joy!

I have never done an actual photoshoot with babies or children before where Iused external flash set-ups, a backdrop or using photoshop afterwards to get everything just right.

So before I get too carried away with the other photos, please give me your opinion on the only photo I have ready to view . I think it looks best if you click on the photo and view it in flickr with the black background.

The biggest challenge was trying to remove lots of drool!

I bring to you, Krista Joy ...

Thanks for viewing!


EDIT: Now that I have uploaded it, I think it looks a tad dark. I did add some vignetting which I like but do you think I should up the exposure a bit?